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Support Channels Available at Pagely:

Reliable, trust-worthy +1 support is at the heart of our specialized, enterprise-focused service. At Pagely, we’re honored that our customers depend on our wisdom and expertise for keeping their WordPress instances healthy and secure.

Submitting a HelpDesk Ticket

Our ticket system is our primary method of communication monitored and active 24/7. Whether we’re helping resolve your technical issues, overcome more advanced hurdles, or updating you with important announcements/event regarding your VPS, our ticketing system enables us to effectively scale our attention and ensure all details are contained within a single location.

All tickets filed are directed to a capable engineer who’s knowledge and history caters to WordPress. This means each support agent you interact with has the capacity and ability to assist you from the start. There are no tiers, or “bottlenecks” in our system.

Start a Chat

Our livechat support is a second layer to our communication channels also available 24/7. We’re happy to assist you through either bridge, though we typically find our chat tool best used for requests that require immediate attention. If you need to pass more complex application or plan details for us to review, this is better handled by opening a ticket.

Note: For useful screenshots on how to file a ticket or open a chat easily from inside your dashboard, glance our Support KB article on Contacting Support.

Do You Offer Phone Support?

Our standard VPS products do not include phone support as an option. Here’s why: throughout our experience in being the first to serve this market, we’ve found our ticketing & chat systems deliver the best experience for both parties to efficiently manage communication. These not only allow for smoother hand-offs but ensure everything is well documented and accounted for without barrier.

Let’s say you’ve hit an unforeseen roadblock that’s hindering your performance or uptime. Having to exchange application code, technical information, and other extensive details to make clear to your entire team is difficult to confidently assure over a phone call. We eliminate this burden altogether so our customers can receive the type of assistance they deserve.

Additional Support Options:

Additionally, a dedicated Slack channel is a third option customers can purchase as another direct link to our core team. These can be configured with a Custom Monitoring Node for greater intel into the status of your VPS.

In this business, every second resulting in downtime is critical effecting your brand’s perception, potential sales and bottomline. We understand this as well as anyone, and enjoy aspiring to (and often exceeding) the excellent standards are customers uphold us to.

Note: Our support page lists all of our support avenues and availability.

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