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Does Pagely offer phone support?

Phone support is available on upper-tier solutions, but not a default option with our VPS plans. Our answer to real-time interaction is our livechat which is easily accessible via your Pagely dashboard. Throughout our experience in being the first to serve this market, we’ve found our ticketing & chat systems are the best solutions for both parties to efficiently manage communication. This allows for smoother hand-offs and ensures everything is well documented and accounted for.

There’s a general understanding that providers whom do offer phone support staff their phones with Level I technicians who serve as a proxy to creating a support request for Level II techs. This creates barriers to their core support squad and ultimately extends the wait times for reaching a proper resolution. If it’s a critical issue resulting in an outage, every second is paramount, affecting your brand’s perception, potential sales and bottomline.

We eliminate this support tree by employing core engineer experts exclusively whom our customers can interface with directly via one of two standard channels mentioned above. Additionally, a dedicated Slack channel is a third option customers can purchase with us. Our support page lists all of our support avenues and availability.

We serve thousands of customers via these support channels daily which enable us to deliver our service at an affordable price in a scalable way. While having a phone number can be an initial comfort, once customers are able to experience our renowned WordPress-specific knowledge and remediation skills first hand, they can finally relieve their inherent worries around keeping their WordPress site steady.

For more information on our support philosophy, read what our CEO wrote in this blog post.

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