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Which hosting options support High Availability?

High Availability (HA) is offered on the VPS-1+[HA] & VPS-2+[HA] plans. Our full product lineup exclusively based on Amazon EC2 technology can be found on our pricing page, with HA configured solutions also available at the Enterprise level.

Those offer true High Availability in the fact you’ll have full redundancy and failover through a synchronized pair of load balanced server nodes located in separate Amazon Availability Zones. If the primary node were to fall or custodial care needs to be performed on your VPS’s, traffic is automatically re-routed to the active secondary node until the primary is restored and ready to come back online.

When calculating the true cost of downtime for your business, it’s important to weigh the risks and potential impact it can have on your revenue, brand reputation, future subscribers and SEO standings to name a few. If achieving maximum uptime is your primary goal for your WordPress website, Pagely has the knowledge and tools to prepare you for durable, scalable managed hosting.

Connect with our product experts to determine a clear path towards relieving your worries over reliability and bring more confidence towards your online operations.

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