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Is There Access Available to CloudWatch Monitoring?

Unfortunately, we do not offer access to AWS CloudWatch monitoring. We integrate this into our Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instances we use to power your WordPress websites. The limitation of our permission scopes is in part to how Amazon works, which prevents us from giving direct access to certain tools like their analytics dashboard.

Can We Set Up CloudWatch In Our Own AWS Account?

AWS requires the server to be in your AWS account which we would not be able to support. All Pagely VPS hosting plans run under our AWS master account in order for our team to monitor, tune and optimize your configuration.

The only feature CloudWatch ultimately gives you that a service like New Relic or similar does not is access to EBS volume credits. Heavy disk IO is generally not a problem with a WordPress site unless you are doing something completely foul, therefore it isn’t a major issue. New Relic would also be giving you IO usage percent alarms at that point.

What Are Our Monitoring Options?

Aside from New Relic, one option customers can explore is our Custom Monitoring Node we provide in-house based on Grafana’s analytics and tools. We can accompany this with any of our hosting plans. This will give you additional insight into the overall health of your setup at the server level.

Our Custom Monitoring Node opens up a range of possibilities we can create for you. We can connect the CloudWatch metrics into a dashboard you’d be able to then access once paired. You can send custom metrics there with data specific to your business beyond just CPU graphs. It can track data about your VPS, the Amazon RDS, plus app-specific PHP-FPM metrics which can all be set to send notifications via email, Slack, SMS, etc.

Ask Our Team to Review

As our customer, we strive to give you as much insight and data as possible, in a way you can understand, access and use to aid you in analyzing your workloads. All VPS instances run under our 24/7 uptime monitoring with punctual alerting and remediation in place by our team. We’re happy to provide data from there any time you request it.

Head to the Support tab to open a support ticket for more information and pricing. Also see our article: Additional Monitoring Service Available At Pagely.

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