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PressCDN: Using AWS CloudFront to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Our PressCDN service uses AWS CloudFront as the underlying CDN provider, pairing even more stellar Amazon products to your Pagely WordPress hosting environment.

What is a CDN? A content delivery network (CDN) is designed to serve your web content closer to your visitors by caching static content using myriad groups of servers all working together across the globe to enhance speed and security.

Through vast consideration back in 2018, we realized CloudFront was the premiere option for serving our customers’ content, taking our partnership with Amazon and its impressive internet services ecosystem one step further.

With a growing global network consisting of 200 points of presence (PoP) available to deliver your assets, we’re bringing greater reach and faster rendering speeds consistently than ever before, all while saving you money on precious bandwidth expenses.

CDN vs. Bandwidth

Your Pagely hosting plan’s CDN allotment resembles a bandwidth number designed to improve delivery times of your website’s static assets. Server bandwidth correlates to the PHP rendering the output and sending that to a visitor while CDN covers everything else such as Javascript, images, DSS, etc. referenced by the pages (find more clarity in our Bandwidth vs CDN article).

Typically, 80-90% of your total bandwidth can be served over our AWS CloudFront CDN which is why that allotment is always higher than the server bandwidth figure on our plan packages. You can scroll down to see our comparison matrix showcasing the various resource allocations assigned to each tier.

Configuring CDN At Pagely

Read on in our Support Knowledge Base to learn How to Enable CDN using our Pagely plugin inside your Atomic dashboard to take a performance advantage for your WordPress website.

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