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What does the provisioning process involve?

Following your account creation, our team is alerted immediately to begin building out your new web server(s) for you. The initial provisioning process is completed by our team within your first 24 hours of officially being a customer of ours at no addition on-boarding cost. Your dedicated on-boarding czar will be continually updating you throughout this time via a HelpDesk ticket.

While we’re helping get you setup, you’ll want to submit a migration request for any websites you’re looking to have us transfer over to start. During migration, we do what we call a “PRESSformance” review in which we identify and fix any problematic culprits that would detract from performance (i.e. third-party scripts that break cache, long running queries that kill the database, problematic plugins, etc.) to get you running as much as possible out of the gates.

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