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Is Additional RAM Available For Purchase?

Additional RAM is not available to purchase by itself like other servers resources are at Pagely: CDN, bandwidth and disk space. We can, however make a wide range of accommodations related to storage. A la carte expansion options with associated pricing is shown near the bottom of our pricing page.

Find our resource breakdown for each dedicated VPS hosting plan on our Plan Comparison Matrix.

CPU and memory are always linked on Amazon, our Cloud Infrastructure Provider, therefore a plan upgrade would be required to procure additional RAM capacity. With each upgrade in sequence, you’re gaining double the CPU, RAM and consequentially the number of PHP workers able to process my volumes of dynamic traffic at once.

Transparency is something we believe in and value here at Pagely, and can certainly share our server specifications with you to help flush out a suitable solution for scaling your traffic. Request a meeting with our Sales team for a complete consultation.

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