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Find Pagely’s Historical Uptime Trends Here:

Historical uptime statistics and responsiveness monitored by an independent third-party can be found in the chart below, with continuously updated information displayed fully on our Cloud Hosting Page:


Powered entirely by AWS, we have the luxury and knowledge of Amazon’s maturity and winning architecture to confidently deliver impressive results to our customers. Every Pagely plan offers a dedicated EC2 instance with a detached Amazon RDS for heightened durability and scale for your WordPress database.

Read our formal review into the popular comparison made between AWS vs Google Cloud Platform

In fact, we’re so confident in the AWS infrastructure playing alongside our technology stack and processes we offer a 99.99% Minimum Availability Guarantee detailed in our Service Level Agreement.

Advanced Monitoring For Your Pagely VPS

24/7 monitoring with incident response is included at any and all VPS plan levels. If any events trigger concern, our engineers will interpret this data and followup with a concise summary of causation and remediation in a support ticket. These monitoring rules apply to:

  • The overall health of your server to ensure the web server and PHP run times remain orderly and active
  • Successful WP Cron executions
  • Application backup freshness
  • Disk space
  • Other internal key indicators

Additional Monitoring Services

Customers also have the option to request site-specific uptime monitoring added to your WordPress sites. This checks to see if your application is able to initiate WordPress, connect to the database, and if the object cache is functioning. A special endpoint is available for each site which bypasses our PressCACHE™ layer offering vital health information to give you greater visibility into the status of your apps.

For more information regarding our 24/7 incident response team and how we aim to professionally and expertly handle issues that are flagged, check out our article on 24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring.

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