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Scheduling DNS Cutover for Your WordPress Site

Prior to updating your domain’s DNS to Pagely, either using our PressDNS service or an external DNS, we’ll want to make sure we update the site to utilize the domain over the staging app we create for you with a search-replace of the database. When you’ve had a chance to fully test your site and ensure everything looks good, our migration team will then proceed with the update prior to you changing DNS.

If you’re looking for truer estimates on performance, we recommend load testing against your VPS. While not required, this insight gives your team an extended look into traffic expectations and potential bottlenecks to share with our Ops team.

Tying in with our concierge white-glove service, your dedicated onboarding coach will schedule a time with you in advance to perform the final DNS cutover. Our migration team will provide you with a CNAME for you to point your DNS records to (preferred). In some cases where a CNAME record isn’t possible, you can point to your Elastic IP with an A record.

Our support is available 24/7 standing by to confirm everything is in proper working order and willing to answer any questions for you before realizing the full scope of our enterprise WordPress service.

Note: Also see our article on Preparing For a Migration To Pagely!

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