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How Does Pagely Ensure Enterprise WordPress Security?

Pagely has provided high-demand managed WordPress hosting for the last decade, with a unique focus in Enterprise caliber services. As the host for some of the world’s most popular WordPress websites, we’ve had to be extremely careful and attentive to security concerns.

Over time, our security practices have continually evolved as we’ve integrated learnings from past incidents and found ways to stay ahead of looming security threats. All of our customers benefit from this battle-hardened and forward-thinking approach to security, operating on dedicated Amazon EC2 instances exclusively.

Our system employs a set of proactive and reactive measures at each level of the technology stack (server, network and application layer) to ensure maximum security of your data and applications. These practices work in tandem with AWS Security Shield to prove extreme security for our customers.

In the event an issue were to present itself, we take immediate action to correct any issues, un-hack the site, and monitor the site without charging further fees. Our InfoSec leaders investigate the origins of the attack, patch, and update on your behalf.

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