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What Separates Pagely From Large WordPress Hosting Providers?

There’s an array of answers that answer the question: why Pagely? The caliber of clients we serve trust us for our world-class support acumen, the maturity of our platform exclusively based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the overwhelming sophistication of requirements we’re able to accommodate beyond anyone else.

The Most Experienced WordPress Host

From seizing the opportunity early in 2009, we were the visionaries who invented this space and the first to implement true managed WordPress hosting. We’ve seen just about everything and steadily refined our framework to become the most battle-hardened and efficient WP hosting platform in existence, continually pushing innovations in the hosting world.

With the right technology catered to WordPress, it can create a significant boost on performance and security. Our internal mantra has always valued options over mandates, and have a unique architecture built to match that statement. No shared or container hosting defined by arbitrary page view limits favoring your hosting provider’s end of yours. Just pure dedicated expert hosting for greater control, customization and flexibility around how your WordPress app is supported.

The Pagely Philosophy

While a leading strength, the customer experience that’s driven by our phenomenal support team is what customers recognize us for most. There’s no concept of a “Level 1 tech support” here. Every interaction is directly tied with a core support engineer who possess the expertise and poise to resolve your most challenging issues the right way in a timely manner.

Since day one, Pagely is still owned and operated by the same husband and wife team today. By not having the obligation to answer to outside parties, we’re incentivized to go the extra mile to suss out the root causes of performance and instability laps to keep WordPress running secure and healthy for your business. We’ve never believed in the bandaid upsell approach and will always put our customer’s needs at the front of the line.

Schedule a time to speak with a solutions architect to explore your individual options and understand if Pagely is the most viable partner for securing your WordPress hosting needs.

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