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What specific assurances and KPI’s could you provide in the event of a site defacement? Is there a support SLA detailing this?

We don’t have a support SLA. The timeline to resolution would be heavily dependent on the nature of the defacement. We have daily malware scanning running to detect any known malicious files or signs of malware on the server. You can rest assured this would never exceed a 24 hour period before our team would be notified of any malicious code injected.

In the event malware is detected, our InfoSec engineers would investigate and followup with the customer providing a comprehensive report including: mitigation steps we’ve taken to resolve the incident, the source of compromise (if identified), and any recommendations that would help enhance the website’s future security.

If the possibility of defacement is of grave concern, there are both SaaS and open source options for defacement monitoring. We provide uptime monitoring and will get alerted immediately in the event of an outage and begin remediating the issue. We do not offer defacement monitoring in-house, therefore you would need to find a 3rd party solution for that should it be a core requirement for you.

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