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What Staging Development Workflows Does Pagely Support?

Setting up a staging environment allows you to test and approve any code, version, or plugin changes you’re considering in a separate development area without affecting your live site. Instead of imposing a singular workflow we mandate our customer use via a UI, we’re driven to offer the most flexibility around what we can support for deployment.

Using Git + a Variety of Deployment Options

We support the best of breed toolsets for source control and deployment: Git, SVN, Bitbucket, Hg for the former, Deploybot, Webhooks, Capistrano, Hudson, Jenkins for the latter. Naturally, customers generally will opt to set up a Git-based workflow for their Pagely hosting.

Tip: Read how to Automatically Deploy WordPress Sites From GitHub for steps on how to use our dashboard-infused Git Integration tool.

Here’s what a standard deployment process looks like:

  1. A local development environment versioned with Git. 
  2. staging app of the site on your Pagely VPS.
  3. A Git repository such as GitHub or BitBucket.
  4. 1-click Git deployment strategy or a GUI-based deployment system such as DeployBot or any of the deployment services mentioned above provided they support deploying over SSH/SFTP.

A sane, responsible development process is always recommended. If you need some direction with finding a workflow suitable for you, we can certainly assist with your decision. We have an excellent group of agencies we can refer you to for configuring a deployment system to incorporate with your Pagely account.

Pagely Sync + Pagely Clone Tools

For additional options, we have two in-house developed cloning tools for making quicker, one-time copies of your production site to a staging instance. Pagely Sync allows you to run a simple command once you’re logged into your VPS via SSH. Pagely Clone is similar, but much more dynamic for supporting repeated, or larger WordPress Multisite cloning.

View our support articles for a technical overview of using:

Our Video Case Study

Our goal has always been to enable the most flexible & dependable processes with scalability in mind. See how we helped an existing Pagely customer find a more complete staging workflow that could accommodate all of their goals with the help of our friends at Devrix below:

Find all of our plan features and resource allocations presented side-by-side in our Plan Comparison Matrix.

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