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Does Pagely Support Cloudflare Railgun?

We support using Cloudflare as a CDN, and many of our customers choose to do so, but we do not support Cloudflare Railgun.

For speeding up non-cached pages, it’s largely a matter of identifying performance-detracting culprits (which we help diagnose) and then correcting those.

Our experienced Developer Operations team can find unique ways of using custom caching rules and special tweaks to take advantage of our robust PressCACHE™ without requiring additional third-party services.

Utilizing our Shared Geo Cache Node network would be our recommendation as it serves a similar function — accelerating the delivery of rendered page output based on where the visitor is accessing the site from. Our team can set up shared geo cache nodes for you via ticket at no extra charge in the following datacenters: Singapore, Australia, Oregon & Ireland.

Dedicated cache nodes are available in any AWS datacenter we support at $250/mo/node.

Find our list of Amazon Regions we make available to provision your Pagely VPS in associated pricing.

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