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Does Pagely Support Custom Plugins & Applications?

We strive to offer a free and flexible environment that can support nearly any WordPress web application possible, aspiring to retire what’s considered an “edge case”. This includes opening the doors to custom developed plugins and applications that are tied to your WordPress instance.

Supporting Custom Plugins

Customers can use their own custom plugins at Pagely. The only restrictions we have on custom plugins is that they adhere to WordPress plugin development best practices and don’t execute any shell scripts as we lock those down on our VPS plans.

There’s no formal process in place to get approval for running these. You’re free to install what you like here, but banned plugins will not install from the WordPress repository. As long as you’re not finding any plugin you’re currently using on our blacklist, there’s a very strong chance it’s compatible. Have questions about a particular plugin? Open a quick support ticket and pick our brains for additional direction from our experts.

Supporting Custom Applications

We also allow for custom applications that are folded into your site configuration. These tend to be a bit more involved, so when consulting with one of our technical sales specialists, it’s important we understand what the custom app is doing, how it’s communicating with WordPress, and security policies around its operation first before affirming final approval.

Depending on your stack, we can create a custom arrangement with an additional server that you would migrate the custom applications to, but maintain internally in terms of software and let our DevOps team focus on the infrastructure management.

Check out our fully managed dedicated hosting VPS plans designed purely for high performance and secure WordPress.

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