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What Access Controls Do Customers Have With Pagely?

There are two primary types of access to keep in mind:

  1. Access to the standard WordPress Admin Dashboard for each site running under your Pagely account.

    This is where you write and update articles (posts and pages), add and remove authors, install and configure themes and plugins, moderate comments, etc.

  2. Access to your Pagely Atomic Dashboard.

    This is your hosting control panel — where you add and create users you want to be able to create new WordPress sites (‘Apps’ in Pagely parlance), interact with Pagely Support, and allow more-technical users to do things like configure domains and DNS, generate SSH logins, set up CI/CD integrations, and customize your web server configuration.

We don’t set any access levels in your WP Admin Dashboard — that’s up to you, the customer, and there are plenty of plugins for changing the functionality of how it works.

Find a great refresher on the WordPress admin’s functionality and how to navigate your WordPress dashboard in our article: What Is the WordPress Admin?

For your Pagely Atomic dashboard, there are currently two levels of access important to note: the primary account (the account owner), and any sub-accounts.

Our Collaborators feature allows a high degree of granular access control. The primary account holder can invite anyone to access Atomic, and grant them wide or narrow permissions on a per-site basis. Find more information in these access roles account owners can set in our Collaborator Management support article.

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