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What Access Controls Do Customers Have With Pagely?

There are two types of access to keep in mind:

  1. Access to your wp-admin panel for each site running under your Pagely account.
  2. Access to your Pagely Atomic dashboard.

We don’t set any access levels in your wp-admin – that’s up to you, the customer and there are plenty of plugins for changing the functionality of how it works.

Find a great refresher on the WordPress admin’s functionality and how to navigate your WordPress dashboard in our article: What Is the WordPress Admin.

For your Pagely Atomic dashboard, there are currently two levels of access important to note: the primary account and any active sub-accounts.

Our collaborators feature allows a high degree of granular access controls you’re able to set. The primary account holder can invite anyone self-serve and grant them wide or narrow permissions on a per-site basis. Find more information in these access roles account owners can set in our Collaborator Management support article.

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