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Uptime Guarantees At Pagely?

Our Service Level Agreement explains our aggressive promises and policy regarding uptime for your website(s). Click the link to review our uptime availability standards, guarantees and events regarding these details.

Once your site is live, we have two different layers of monitoring:

  • If anything is detected that translates to downtime, our entire support team is paged immediately to investigate. Typically, we can apply a fix to the issue before it translates to downtime or before you’re even made aware of it.
  • We also get proactive notifications should you start to approach your server’s resource limits for taking a more proactive stance.

Following a security or server update, we have an automated smoke test that checks to ensure the website it’s still accessible. In the event a site widescreens from a plugin update, we’ll roll it back. The only example outside our scope of detection is if a CSS conflict occurs through an automatic update push.

Enhanced SLA

Customers who are looking for the most expressed version of our SLA can find higher degrees of infrastructure uptime and support response times in our Enhanced SLA. This includes a 100% Availability Guarantee with elevated service credit commitments to leverage for your most critical WordPress apps.

Head over to our Support KB to review How Pagely Handles WordPress Core & Plugin Updates.

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