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What Counts Towards Our Plan’s Site Limits?

With each hosting plan at Pagely, there’s a defined limit on the number of WordPress installs you can run on your server. We also extend an allotment of resources (CDN, bandwidth and disk space) to all of our plans. Flexibility is a key component of our platform, with expansion options available should you require any additional resources mentioned.

Find all of our resources and plan features mapped out in our plan comparison matrix.

What’s Considered An Install?

An install refers to one standalone WordPress instance. Whether you’re looking to create a dev, testing, staging, or production site, we don’t distinguish the usage of your instances. It’s simply a total site allotment for our customers to purpose those however they choose.

We apply these caps as a prudent measure to avoid potential issues with overloading your server as you continue to add more sites. These are the appropriate limits we’ve found that can reasonable run on your plan’s particular CPU/memory allocations while keeping performance and scalability in mind.

How Do These Limits Affect Multisite?

If you’re looking to spin up or migrate an existing WordPress Multisite with us, your Multisite network counts as a single install regardless of how many sub-sites you have running in it. This way, you’re not constricted by the site allotments assigned to our plans.

What’s important to monitor is your memory requirements as you broaden your Multisite network. To relieve performance trouble, we have dedicated RDS options should you scale-out of our default shared RDS.

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Our sales team is happy to discuss your requirements further if you have one or multiple WordPress sites you’d like to host with Pagely should you need any assistance.

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