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Using Our PressDNS™ Service:

PressDNS™ is our DNS system fully backed by Amazon’s Route 53 service. We can ensure consistent and highly reliable routing to your application using Route 53 with health check monitoring for greater certainty.

At Pagely, we utilize dedicated AWS hardware exclusively to power our infrastructure. This equates to seamless integrations between our Amazon EC2 instances we use for serving your WordPress site, to Amazon S3 and CloudFront CDN. PressDNS™ also works in tandem with our PressCACHE™ system to route visitor requests to any of our global cache edge points closest to their IP’s location, enabling geo-routing and geo-balancing features for faster delivery.

How Do We Set Up PressDNS™?

You’ll first need to ensure your nameservers are pointing to the right location by changing the record at your domain registrar. You can update your DNS records for any domains you’d like to utilize PressDNS™ for on your Pagely VPS from inside your Atomic dashboard.

For information on DNS propagation and updating DNS zones, see our Support KB article on Using PressDNS™.

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