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What is PressThumb and its advantages?

Pagely offers a specialized image optimization service we bake into your technical stack called PressThumb. Based on Thumbor, this automatically optimizes JPEG files as they are served. It can also automatically detect WebP clients like Chrome and serve a WebP version of a specific image.

At its most basic level, PressThumb works to optimize only those images in your media gallery. Going a step beyond that, we can install it to generate thumbnails for you automatically, opposed to having generating static files of every needed dimension (note: this step requires some code modifications to skip thumbnail generation).

How does this benefit you, the customer? PressThumb works to reduces the size of the images as they’re served, minimizing your bandwidth and disk usage to create additional $$ savings. Another advantage is these images will cache the same way as a normal asset would.

And the best news? There’s no extra cost to take advantage of PressThumb. We can set up this service across your existing nodes and configure a new set of proxy rules on your NGINX cache node all on your behalf.

Need more intel on our complete service and how we can help you? Reach out to our team!

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