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Using PressThumb for Your WordPress Apps

Pagely offers a specialized image optimization service we bake into your technical stack called PressThumb. Based on Thumbor, PressThumb automatically optimizes JPEG files as they are served, acting as another asset to partner with our performance empowering PressCACHE system. It can also automatically detects WebP clients like Chrome and serve a WebP version of a specific image.

What is PressThumb?

At its most basic level, PressThumb works as our in-house image processor to optimize only those images in your media gallery.

Read more into PressThumb vs your typical WordPress image optimization plugins and other helpful pointers over on our Support Knowledge Base.

Advantages of PressThumb

How does this benefit you, the customer? PressThumb works to reduce the size of the images as they are served, minimizing your bandwidth and disk usage to create additional cost savings. These smaller images will cache the same way as a normal asset would, boosting your performance. Of course, smaller images load faster for end users using your website.

And the best news? There’s no extra cost to take advantage of PressThumb.

Need more information on our premium service and how we can help improve the performance of your WordPress websites? Reach out to our team!

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