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Additional Monitoring Services Available With Pagely

For improved, personalized monitoring and insights beyond our proactive 24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring we have a few solutions available. If you’d like to explore any of these options with our Ops experts, just open a support ticket and we can help get you set up properly with a solution that will adhere to your goals.

Custom Monitoring Node:

Our Custom Monitoring Node is a Pagely-specific service we offer as an add-on compatible with any of our hosting plans using Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana’s technology. Customers will have their own private monitoring node running as a separate Amazon EC2 instance to house the InfluxDB data source and serve the Grafana dashboard front-end.

This supports real-time metrics for overall system health, PHP-FPM, HTTP request stats, and can be customized to receive any type of metric you wish to collect. This be configured to alert you via email, Slack, etc. For current customers, open a ticket for information and pricing.

Datadog Agent Integration:

Pagely has support for Datadog’s monitoring service. This is managed via our Ansible codebase and can be configured for any of the available checks (process monitoring, log watching, NGINX, etc). Once the agent is connected with your API key, you would begin seeing data in your Datadog dashboard.

Other Integrations:

We also support integrations with New Relic (Infrastructure & APM), NGINX Amplify, LogEntries, and a few other services. If you would like access to granular monitoring & alerting, these services would also allow you to accomplish this. We can install NewRelic and ensure you VPS is paired correctly with the other aforementioned technologies. You would just need to purchase a license with New Relic and we’ll configure it via a support request.

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