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Security Measures Deployed At Pagely:

Our InfoSec team and system employs a set of comprehensive proactive and reactive measures at each level of the technology stack to ensure maximum security of your data and applications. Enterprise WordPress security is a fundamental need for our customers, which is why we strive to offer the most robust, secure and scalable solution in this space over our course of 10+ years in the business.

WordPress Security Features In Place

Below is a summarized list of the various features we deploy by default across all of our hosting plan offerings. Our network and platform utilizes Amazon Web Services exclusively, affording us the benefits of passing along the AWS Shield Standard.

Continuous Security Patching

In addition to these several security-prone settings, we’re actively updating and applying security-related patches in software to your server and ongoing highly critical maintenance on your behalf, all validated by our core InfoSec staff. Audits are ran regularly to our internal systems to satisfy risk management and that proper security enablements are in place.

Resource Isolation

We take advantage of ​Amazon EC2 instances which provide isolated, containerized environments for all VPS and Enterprise services. All memory, CPU, and other server resources are dedicated to each client. Our customers’ websites do not share resources within a single VPS and don’t combine the web application and database on the same machine as you might often see.

Incident Response

In the event of an incident, our customers can be assured of an effectuated incident response program. This follows our thorough identification process, remediation and ongoing monitoring with a complete followup report with the customer.

If you’d like a more formal synopsis of the security practices and protocols we take for your WordPress site, contact sales to learn more.

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