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What Performance Monitoring and Alerting Do Customers Have Access to?

Our monitoring metrics are primarily disclosed internally. Pagely receives uptime monitoring and proactive notifications as your server nears critical thresholds for resources like CPU and memory. In this scenario, we can review this event with you to help identify causes of excessive load on the server and potential performance bottlenecks that exist within your setup.

For more detailed insight that’s transparent to you, customers have essentially two options with us:

  1. Some customers will have us setup their server with an external service like NewRelic for information on performance trends on your app.
  2. Another solution customers can go is to have us configure our in-house monitoring node for you which offers health reporting on the server-side using Grafana.

Find a more detailed overview of Additional Monitoring Services offered in the linked KB article.

Note: if you’re seeking to use New Relic with us, you would just need to purchase a license from their service for each web node upon which you want to have statistics and alerts.

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