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When is it more beneficial to signup with WPEngine over Pagely?

WPEngine has an elegant GUI for their one-click staging feature. If this level of simplicity is an important area for you, you may find more ease and comfort with setting up a staging environment with their service. We have two command-line utilities called Pagely Sync and Pagely Clone Tool that accomplish exactly what they describe in place of this. If you’re seeking a staging process that’s baked into the platform and exposed via GUI then they would be a more suitable option for you.

While we center our attention solely on high-demanding websites for folks who are looking for dedicated AWS resources optimized for running WordPress, WPE offers shared, value-friendly options that some individuals may find more applicable to their present hosting budget and needs.

For more genuine, honest insight on this topic, see Pagely vs WPEngine. If you’re having serious performance or scaling issues and need the support to solve these types of issues or want consistency and clarity around your hosting bill for example, Pagely is the more optimal fit.

If you’re currently with WPE or exploring both of our services as an alternative to better serving your managed WordPress hosting needs, we’d love to learn more about your situation and share what Pagely can offer you. Please contact sales to begin the conversation.

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