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What Levels of Redundancy are Employed at Pagely?

Redundancy means having a backup plan in the event something severe were to strike your web server. With the various layers and types of redundancy possible across any web hosting infrastructure (network, geographical, hardware, power), Amazon Web Services brings superior deliverability and planning to our cloud platform.

Built-In Redundancy on AWS

Using Amazon EC2 instances to create the foundation for our VPS hosting plans, precise redundancy starts with their Availability Zones (AZ’s). These zones are unique to a specific datacenter region, independently powered and insulated from each other, having their own network and security architectures. Through AWS, we have a range of datacenter locations we can provision your Pagely VPS in.

To further amplify failure recovery, we partition your WordPress database onto its own separate machine using Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service). Amazon RDS provides you the benefit of placing resources and data in multiple locations through AZ replication, stretching your stability coverage and extending data preservation.

Learn why Aurora RDS in our preferred choice for hosting your WordPress site in our article: The Advantages of Amazon Aurora

By replicating your instance holding your data across multiple AZ’s, you significantly reduce the chance of total outage or failure. We’re so confident in the way we’ve built upon AWS, we even offer 99.99% minimum availability for our infrastructure detailed in our Service Level Agreement. View our SLA for additional details and service commitments by our team in the link above.

High Availability Plans

Typically when customers request higher certainty levels of redundancy and additional features, they’re seeking fault-tolerance using an active High Availability (HA) cluster. This involves two front-end EC2 web servers in rotation, load balancing your traffic which are synced across multiple AZ’s. Explore more info on how HA brings additional assurance to your WordPress applications and when it makes most sense for your business.

In the event of any type of failure, all single and dual node VPS systems have mechanisms in place to efficiently provide a backup or replacement. Read into our disaster recovery scenarios to learn more.

If you’d like to discuss our HA plans and understand the advantages these can bring to your organization’s needs, contact sales to kick things off!

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