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What Does “White-Glove” Site Migration Mean?

A white-glove migration is essentially the process whereby we transfer the website on your behalf without any need of your involvement. Special care is taken to ensure that everything is properly functional thereafter. Going forward, we make clear recommendations on any immediate problems our experts identify. These suggestions not only help extend your trust in our WordPress leadership and expertise, but can lead to performance and security benefits for the long-term.

Our support engineers manually migrate your WordPress applications; we’re not using any migration plugins to move these. Through manual intervention, we alleviating any potential risk for breakage or issues during your onboarding process.

The Pagely team offers two free migrations with subscription to any of our fully-managed WordPress hosting plans.

Want to save money by handling the migrations yourself? Find all of the approved ways to managing self-assisted migration in our article: How Do I Migrate My WordPress Site To Pagely.

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