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Does Pagely Support Wildcard SSL certificates? Are Those Compatible With WordPress Multisite?

Yes, we support essentially any third-party SSL provider – including wildcard certificates, standard and Extended Validation (EV) certificates.

If you’re running a Subdomain-Based Multisite, then you’ll likely want to install a wildcard SSL for your sites. For the sake of simplicity and wiser spending, this will allow you to protect your data and visitors across all of your custom domains you have under your network using a single certificate.

Read our step-by-step guidelines with helpful dashboard screenshots on how to easily enable SSL in just a few clicks via our Atomic management tool.

For each sub-site under your network, you’re able to add a domain alias in our configuration stack from within your Pagely Atomic dashboard. Wildcard aliases are supported as well if all the sub-sites are subdomains of one domain name.

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