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The Broad Scope of Pagely’s Support Commitment

Over the course of the last 10 years, Pagely has separated itself as the premier, original managed WordPress host, assembling a specialized team (and impressive client roster) of the world’s most talented and experienced sysadmins, developers, and WordPress experts.

Our expectations revolve around above-and-beyond support that Elite Publishers, higher-traffic WooCommerce site owners and the like won’t concede. With “tier-less support” in place, every Pagely employee is empowered with the skills and knowledge to create a world-class experience for every customer.

Putting Our WordPress Expertise to Work

As your managed WordPress hosting provider, we’re assuming the Development Operations role by offloading those tedious responsibilities and critical thinking required for keeping WordPress performant, secure, reliable, maintained and backed up.

Our job is to handle the technical aspects of hosting WordPress right. You can leverage us to fulfill those tasks that help solidify the safety and peace of mind your WordPress websites are in the best set of hands. This extends to making updates to both WordPress core and plugins, proactive security and advanced tuning for optimal speed and performance

View our Service Level Agreement over on the main Pagely site.

Addressing Your Technical Needs

If a problematic issue presents itself from a performance or security angle, we’re on the case to investigate, diagnose and remediate technical issues at any scale of sophistication. We take the proper care and attention others can’t afford to guide customers towards the ideal solutions possible.

Say for example you’re using a plugin that’s bogging down the database with long-running queries. We’ll address it and work with you to find a substitute or simply deactivate it. Our support team is always available 24/7 from multiple channels to ensure fast and effective troubleshooting. Serving-tuning and other critical jobs that fall within the DevOps realm is in our hands to resolve, delivering the level of assurance and security Enterprise-caliber organizations need.

Design & Development Assistance

While there is a large margin of cases we’re glad to lend a helping hand, any assistance regarding cosmetic/functionality changes is on our customer’s list to  handle (i.e. rewriting plugins or refactoring your code). In some cases we are able to make minor fixes that address the root culprits of issues with the goal is minimizing your hardware/resource needs. Having said, the appropriate expectation for our customers to follow is hiring a developer to make granular modifications.

If you don’t have an in-house developer to point to, no problem! We’re happy to pair you with any of the half-dozen talented agency partners we vouch for showcased on our Agencies Page.

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