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How does Pagely’s staging process work?

All VPS plan options support staging. Generally, we like to see customers utilizing a Git-based workflow for their staging needs but do not enforce any particular workflow on you. We’re compatible with essentially any workflow you’re seeking to use provided the toolsets run over SSH like Git, SVN, Bitbucket, Beanstalk for source control & Hudson, Jenkins, Capistrano, DeployBot for deployment and continuous integration.

Customers looking for a more simplistic approach for cloning their production site to a staging environment have the option of using our commandline tool called Pagely Sync. If you’re intending to conduct more of an invasive staging deployment or need to clone a Multisite network for example, we recommend using our advanced cloning tool for this purpose.

If you’re struggling with determining which direction is best for your needs, just open a support ticket and we can steer you towards appropriate documentation and guidance in finding a proper workflow that fits you.

Updated on November 21, 2018

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