What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

It's WordPress, Just Better

Are you curious what Managed WordPress Hosting really means? You may have used generic hosting services before and are familiar with how they work. Managed WordPress Hosting offers more value and more features for customers running WordPress. Let's dig in and compare.

Generic Hosting

You may have seen the ads or actually use a service like this: Unlimited everything for $4.95/mo. In some cases it may actually be just fine for you. However what happens when your site gets hacked? What if your site is really slow? What if it crashes and you don't have any backups? When you contact support you feel like they are trying to sell you an upgrade instead of solving your problem. Does any of this sound familiar?

Managed WordPress Hosting

Everything from the servers to the customer experience is optimized around WordPress. Sites load incredibly fast, upgrades are done for you, and security is priority one. When you contact support you get the correct answers from expert support staff who actually know WordPress. It costs more than typical hosting and you do lose a little bit of freedom to install non WordPress Apps. You don't miss it as you get automatic backups of your site, enterprise grade security, and worry free updates with incredible speed. Sounds good right?

Let's compare feature by feature.

Your choice is between a one-size-fits-all hosting environment or one specifically catering to the needs of WordPress users.

Typical HostingManaged WordPress Hosting
Install AnythingJust WordPress
Optimized for WordPress
Automatic WordPress Upgrades
Automatic Backups
Enterprise Security
Malware Prevention and Cleanup
Fast Page Loads
Expert WordPress Support
Massive Traffic

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