Put the plugin up on github, pull requests welcome.


Happy to accept patches and deploy back into .org plugin repo.

Pagely MultiEdit Plugin

This plugin allows you to use multiple editor boxes in the post editor to define ‘regions’ for use in your page templates. It works by saving the content as a custom field or wp_postmeta item so it is page dependent and will not be lost if you change the theme or disable the plugin.

Step 1: Install the MultiEdit Plugin and Activate It.


Step 2: Create a Custom Page Template and Upload to Your Theme Directory

Add the Multiedit: <regionname1>,<regionname2> beneath the Template Name line.

/* Template Name: Custom Template
*  MultiEdit: Right,Bottom,Left

Step 3: Decide where to show the content

Calling the function: multieditDisplay(‘region’) will echo the content, calling $var = multieditDisplay(‘region’,true) will return it.

<!-- #container -->
<div id="subfooter"><?php multieditDisplay('Bottom'); ?></div>

You can customize ID’s or classes to the div’s and style them however you like to fit your theme.

Step 4: Create a New Page Using Your Custom Template

Simply select the template from the drop down on the page edit screen.

Step 5: Refresh the Page to See the New Tabs MultiEdit Created

The tabs will appear above the visual editor like so. Multiedit control is only available with the visual/tinymce editor.


Step 6: Profit.


There is an options page to enable shortcode support, YMMV.