WordPress Hosting That Supports Reverse Proxy

Easily realize the SEO benefits of unifying multiple sites.

Unified, SEO-Ready Content Through Reverse Proxy

By unifying two or more sites via reverse proxy, you no longer have to redirect visitors off-site or bounce them around between sites. Maintain your brand and user experience across web properties by serving all your content from sub-folders.

Merging sites in this way positively impacts SEO. If you have two separate sites, you’re dividing your link-building efforts in half. This inefficiency can be rectified with a WordPress Reverse Proxy.

We migrated our blog and a couple of our other WordPress-based pages over to Pagely on a trial basis, but it quickly became clear that they had all of the capabilities we needed, as well as friendly staff who are extremely responsive on support tickets. As long as we have WordPress sites, we’ll be using Pagely.

Stephen Watts Web Strategist – BMC



Best-in-Class Support

Every member of our support team is a bonafide engineer that can solve your issue without needing to escalate it. There’s no challenge we cannot solve.

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The leading-edge capabilities of the AWS Cloud, combined with the expertise of our team of engineers, create a true High-Availability WordPress hosting solution with unparalleled reliability.

Our Team of Experts

Pagely is comprised of a diverse and globally distributed team of experts. Everyone at the company is a leader, free to service our customers with the authority & responsibility needed to ensure our platform is industry leading.

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