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How Managed WordPress Hosting Can Level Up Your Business

Running a successful online enterprise involves more than just product development, marketing, and customer service. It's also critical that your website provide a solid foundation for both running and scaling your business. But you are not an expert in web hosting, and…
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Fresh updates to Pagely’s Atomic Beta

If you have been following along you'll know we have been busy here at Pagely crafting a new control panel for our customers. In the most recent release: A basic first pass at PressFormance analytics graphs are in. These will show you…
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PressCDN™ going all in with AWS CloudFront

As part of our continuing Epic 2018 Launch-A-Palooza where we are pushing out new features and products all year to improve our user experience and refresh the stack, PressCDN is being simplified and improved. Today we are happy to announce an improvement…
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Fast WordPress Hosting

If you're looking for fast WordPress hosting, then you've come to the right place. Here at Pagely, our infrastructure is exclusively powered by 64-bit machines in Amazon data centers. Amazon powers major brands like GE, Expedia, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Dow Jones, Adobe, Pfizer,…
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Our Lean Startup

There are a lot of misconceptions about lean startups. This is a great introduction to the nuances of the topic, with concepts we subscribe to. However in the context of this post, I'll equate "lean" practices to bootstrapping - or the efficient…
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PressCDN™ – The CDN for those that love WordPress

Make your WordPress site fly! Pagely is already one of the fastest and most secure places to host your WordPress site. For those that demand even more speed, we have developed a new breed of WordPress CDN service named PressCDN specifically for…
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