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WordPress 4.9.6, the Privacy Features Release

Today, the team of open source developers at WordPress have released WordPress version 4.9.6. This release includes many new privacy centric features which are so important, we're writing this post just to cover them briefly. If you want to read all of…
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Privacy and GDPR at Pagely

Privacy is on everyone's mind and in everyone's inbox thanks to GDPR going into effect before the end of the month. Pagely has, as well, been working hard to address this new regulation and this post is to announce how we are…
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Pagely Launches Keith AI: The WordPress Answering Machine

While the Pagely team usually avoids jumping on trends just for the sake of staying trendy, we're throwing caution to the wind and going all in on AI (Artificial Intelligence.) Side note: This choice beat out several other ideas, including a WordPress…
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PressCDN™ going all in with AWS CloudFront

As part of our continuing Epic 2018 Launch-A-Palooza where we are pushing out new features and products all year to improve our user experience and refresh the stack, PressCDN is being simplified and improved. Today we are happy to announce an improvement…
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New Atomic Beta Release 1 Now Available!

Our team has been hard at work crafting an entirely new experience for our thousands of hosting customers. If you're interested in the winding road that got us here, you can catch up with this post recently I wrote explaining our process.…
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The Pagely Report: Here’s to 2018!

A brief update on our dedication to you. I'm Sally Strebel, the co-founder and COO of the first managed WordPress hosting company: Pagely. I have a lot of passion for this company and for the people I work with every day. That…
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