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March Madness guide to getting things done

Most people will tell you they'd like to do more. They'd like to be more productive, write more often and earn more money. Tons of people will say that working smarter, working longer and working harder is the key for all of…
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Fear and the writer

Many people assume that a blank page is a writer's worst nightmare. They think, regardless if the writer is a novice or expert, that starting is the single most difficult thing any writer faces. They are wrong. Starting is definitely tough, but…
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Connecting with your audience

Many popular writers aren't highly skilled in "proper" writing techniques. They often break rules, take shortcuts and employ tricks to get their points across. In fact, I bet if you gave a grammar test to most writers, they would fail. So, if…
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Five steps to a better bio

Nobody ever remembers the details. Think of the last time you met more than a couple of people, say at a networking event, large dinner or other such occasion where meeting people and introducing yourself was an integral part of the event.…
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How to be a storyteller

"The stories we tell literally make our world." Michael Margolis in his Believe Me Story Manifesto. Ask anyone about their lives and they'll always be able to relate to a character in a well-known story. From Chandler in Friends to Donal Logue…
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The Secret of Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can invoke feelings of frustration, helplessness, and anger. So much rides on your ability to find the perfect domain name and it will take time. The following secrets of choosing a domain name will help you understand the…
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