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6 Tips for Big Brands That Want to Kill It On Social Media

Consumers expect a lot from big brands when it comes to social media. They look to their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for any indication of how they do business and how they treat their customers. They want to see that brands…
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8 Of The Best Social Media Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress Did you know that more than a quarter of the world's population is using Facebook? That's, well...a lot of people on social media. And though Facebook may be the biggest social network, it's still just one…
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4 Ways to Drive Social Traffic to Your Blog

In 2014, something amazing happened. No, not Patrick Stewart doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. (Though, that was one for the books). Rather, social media started to beat search in driving referral traffic to publishers' websites. This means more readers were finding blogs…
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What the Facebook Paywall Means for Publishers

Has anyone ever said, "As a publisher in a content-driven landscape, you are responsible for producing unique content every day," and you scratched your head at the amount of resources it would take to craft something meaningful on a daily basis? Creating…
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How To Improve Your Pinterest Marketing In WordPress

Have you expanded your marketing efforts to Pinterest yet? You might think Pinterest is a 'soft' social media platform. Full of cupcakes and kittens and moms saving images of the home DIY projects they want to make and ideas for their kid's…
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Facebook Instant Articles: Everything You Need to Know

A couple of weeks ago, the social media giant Facebook announced that it will soon be opening up the Facebook Instant Articles program to publishers of all sizes around the world. This means that now anyone with a website and a Facebook…
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