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A Guide to Using Lead Magnets

Having a solid business model and offering isn't always enough to convert visitors on their first, second, or even third visit to your website. But how do you ensure that a visitor will return to your site and go from being a…
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29 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Team in the New Year

Crafting a strategy for the year ahead is an important part of the job for any business leader. Come January, teams disappear into meetings, later emerging with a handful of goals for the upcoming year. The result can often be an uncreative…
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7 Useful Enterprise WordPress Plugins for 2019

WordPress is an open-source content management system with a secure core and large support community with nearly 60% of the market share for content systems; the closest competitor is Joomla at 6.3%. A large portion of that market is made up of…
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Pagely Security Research, and Disclosure Policy

This post is about the realities both good and bad that come with the responsibility of reporting vulnerabilities. The long days of summer are gone, fall has faded away and winter is upon us... reflecting back over the past months the Pagely…
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Cyber Monday WordPress Deals

Now is as good a time as any to stock up on WordPress deals to set your site up for success in time for the holiday rush. We've weeded through the slew of deals to present a handful of the good ones…
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eCommerce Tips: Black Friday & Cyber November

Black Friday has traditionally marked the start of the holiday shopping season, but in recent years spending has taken a dive as consumers snub physical stores to shop online. In fact, two-thirds of Americans find holiday shopping stressful and would rather shovel…
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