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WordPress Security – An Infographic on common Malware and Attacks

Editor's Note: This post is from our archives, and not all content is still relevant. For a fresh look at our company & tech, we recommend these sections: Our Managed WordPress Hosting Service Articles on WordPress for Business Industry-specific Hosting Solutions Text:…
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Securing WordPress. There’s more to it than marketing hype.

WordPress Security has gotten a lot of press (pun intended) of late. Every 3rd day there is new post, or guest post by someone driving home the importance of securing your WordPress install with proper file permissions, choosing strong passwords, and the…
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Building Pagely Part3: Early Scaling and Security

This is the third installment of a mulitpart part series where we aim to share with you some of the technical aspects of what powers the Managed WordPress Hosting system we developed here at, how we started, the recent server improvements…
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