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The Guide to Creating Custom Shortcodes in WordPress

WordPress Shortcodes are nothing new. In fact, they've been around since version 2.5. Acting like macros, shortcodes are used to 1) reduce the amount of code you need to write; 2) simplify the usage of plugins, themes, and other functions. WordPress comes…
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An Easy Guide to Creating WordPress Workflow Documentation

I like to think of workflow documentation as a sort of playbook for WordPress professionals. Think about it like this: Sports coaches and players rely on playbooks to provide them with tried-and-true strategies to win games. And, beyond that, those playbooks provide…
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A Definitive Guide on How to Create Custom Post Types in WordPress

WordPress' default post types are useful for creating blog posts, pages, attachments, and other standard elements of your website. However, if you're looking to facilitate streamlined and efficient content creation for your business site, you may find the default post types somewhat…
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The Complete Guide to Running a WordPress Forum

Warrior Forum, the largest web marketing community has over 40,000 registered and guest members online at any given time of the day, and makes over $1.1 million each month. Forums and message boards - old-school social media - are one of the…
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A Step-by-Step Quality Assurance Plan for Your WordPress Site

A brand new business might shell out $3K on a website and think it's getting a bargain. However, when prospective customers start running away in droves because the site is: Slow Buggy Confusing Frustrating Unsafe Broken Well... It'll quickly prove to be…
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