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The Complete Guide to Running a WordPress Forum

Warrior Forum, the largest web marketing community has over 40,000 registered and guest members online at any given time of the day, and makes over $1.1 million each month. Forums and message boards - old-school social media - are one of the…
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A Step-by-Step Quality Assurance Plan for Your WordPress Site

A brand new business might shell out $3K on a website and think it's getting a bargain. However, when prospective customers start running away in droves because the site is: Slow Buggy Confusing Frustrating Unsafe Broken Well... It'll quickly prove to be…
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The WordPress Codex: An Invaluable Resource for Better Coding

In 2003, WordPress entered into existence and irrevocably changed the way we conduct business in the 21st century. Business owners no longer needed a brick-and-mortar presence in order to viably compete in their market. Heck, they no longer even had to deal…
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A Guide to Using WordPress Logs to Track Errors

Use WordPress logs to fix problems that arise on your WordPress instance -- or, more accurately, to figure out why they've occurred. This feature tracks errors and records them in one easy-to-locate file, so you can get started on the troubleshooting process.…
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