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WordPress Hosting in Education

WordPress has quickly become an important solution in the marketing and teaching toolset of public and private universities and K-12 public and private schools.

Pagely’s Managed WordPress offerings start with our scalable hosting platform. We’re built on top of Amazon (AWS), regarded by most system administrators as the best choice around in terms of scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

We take care of WordPress security, speed tuning, caching, server management, scaling, updates to core and plugins, and more. We make life easy, so you can focus on your job and not have to play system administrator.

Unrivaled Expertise

Pagely began in 2009, and in the time since has been solely focused on the technical aspects of managing WordPress sites at scale. Our deep partnership with AWS affords us capabilities and reliability that are simply not found with other solution providers.


Pagely really listens to customer feedback and they add a lot of services based on what they hear from their customers. When we first started there was just a plugin to access the database, but now there's actual phpMyAdmin, which I'm a lot more comfortable with from a security standpoint. It's things like that -- the fact that they're continuously improving and appreciating feedback -- that make Pagely stand out.

Elaine Shannon


  • 100% AWS powered stack
  • Tier-less “Expert Only” support desk
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Developer Friendly tooling
  • Single Node and HA configurations available
  • Review all plans

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At Northwestern, campus organizations need the ability to easily manage and publish WordPress sites. The system the university was formerly using to manage affordable hosting at scale had technical limitations that precluded them from accommodating certain plugins, themes and configuration requirements. Pagely stepped in and enabled Northwestern to run these feature-demanding WordPress sites while maintaining the high degree of security and support a top tier university requires.

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