Welcome to Our Quickstart Guide!

First and foremost, we'd like to take this time to welcome you to the Pagely family. We take tremendous pride in not only providing unparalleled enterprise WordPress hosting, but also a personalized experience that truly demonstrates how much we care.

To ensure that you're receiving the best service possible, we've built an educational resource that will give you a complete understanding of how to use Pagely.

Here's a quick overview of some of the things you'll learn on your educational journey:

  • The services that Pagely provides and how you can utilize them
  • An overview of Pagely's Atomic control panel
  • How to grant access and manage members of your team
  • How to access your WordPress site's files using SSH or SFTP
  • How to install SSL certificates
  • Various best practices for developing your WordPress site on Pagely, such as using version control and configuring automatic deployments

Ready to begin learning? Just continue to the next section, and we'll get started with taking a look at the different services offered at Pagely.