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Does Pagely Support Envoyer as a Deployment Tool?

Envoyer is a deployment tool designed to bring wider visibility to how you deploy code changes. Envoyer is a Laravel product, but pairs great with WordPress and is compatible with popular source control tools like git.

We can support folding in Envoyer at Pagely, albeit it’s not the default setting. Each WordPress application would have to be switched to our deep webroot mode, prioritizing a NGINX-only mode for the web server.

See our article comparing NGINX+Apache and NGINX-Only Modes to understand the pros and cons of each setup.

There are some additional steps to take if you are building a new release each time you deploy, namely installing the Pagely management plugins and maintaining a shared folder for uploads and symlink to those shared paths when making the release.

To activate a new release to be current, this involves updating a symbolic link and reloading php-fpm, which you can get sudo access for adding into your automation.

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