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The World's Most Scalable Enterprise Solution For WordPress.

Amazon Advanced Technology Partner

65,000,000,000+ Monthly HTTP Requests

1,950,000,000+Files under management


Our AWS backed enterprise tier has enjoyed 99.9999% uptime since it's launch in May of 2014


Deploy into any of Amazons's 11 global data center's. Or Geo-replicate across regions for maximum scalability & redundancy.


Our optimized c4 instances deliver 243ms average response times. Enable PressCACHE™ to extend to all corners of the globe.


For over 10 years our team has been perfecting the fine art of managing WordPress at scale.

Preconfigured Plans

  • C4.2xlarge (15GB Ram) or C4.4xlarge (30GB Ram)
  • Single Node or Load Balanced Pair
  • Single Multi-AZ RDS: MySQL or Aurora
  • 2TB+ CDN included
  • Deployed in any of 11 data centers

Custom Clusters

  • ElasticSearch / ElasticCache
  • Production/QA/Staging Environments
  • Multi-Region Failover Recovery
  • Up to 5 RDS slaves
  • Geo Caching

Starting at $2500/mo

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Scalable, Enterprise ready Managed WordPress.

The Pagely® enterprise WordPress hosting platform is a scalable web hosting solution for those customers with high performance and mission critical security needs. Our unique managed service features painless resource scaling, multi-region redundancy, and enterprise-grade security.

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Felipe Veiga
"Pagely has provided great support for the needs of my website, providing great speed and performance while managing a top notch service."
Felipe Veiga


We offer six (6) pre-configured Enterprise WordPress Hosting plans for High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and extreme high traffic needs. Custom Clusters can be provisioned at any size and utilizing nearly any AWS service as well such as Elastic Search. Custom Legal terms available.

Custom Cluster Configurations
Dedicated Aurora RDS Database Included (Read Slaves Available)

  • 60+ Sites
  • 50GB+ DISK
  • 2TB+ BW
  • 5TB+ CDN

Starting at


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10 challenges for the Enterprise using WordPress. Solved


On a busy day our WordPress eCommerce site slows down and eventually fails.

Solution: More powerful servers/hosting plan.

eCommerce relies on sessions to uniquely identify the user browsing/buying your products. Sessions bypass caching in most cases and therefore the server is doing all the work of managing that checkout process. At Pagely® our scalable, Amazon powered stack is uniquely suited to handle the workloads of the most demanding sites under load.


Our Marketing dept. is asking for WordPress but IT won't support it.

Solution: Outsource management to a trusted partner.

Internal IT departments typically need not be bothered with standing up a linux server and upgrading WordPress. Pagely is the trusted partner of many firms managing and scaling WordPress in our secure environment interfacing with IT as needed.


We've heard WordPress is prone to hacks and security issues.

Solution: Host with a skilled partner.

There is simply not enough profit on a $5/mo hosting plan to make security a priority. Our PressARMOR™ service is a comprehensive security methodology to keep the bad guys out and your content safe. The best thing about it? It's a baked-in feature of every plan.


We can't seem to keep our site up during big media promotions.

Solution: Cache all the things.

Smart caching is all about using technology to serve up all or part of a page from RAM instead of making the server to do the work. PressCACHE™ is our intelligent system we employ to speed up your site to a global audience.


We know our site could be faster, we just don't know where to start.

Solution: Leverage the experts.

There are some very simple things you can do to speed up your WordPress site covered in articles across the web. Going that extra mile to squeeze out every bit of speed comes from understanding how WordPress works and typically optimizing around bottlenecks in the database layer or plugin. Every site we migrate to Pagely receives a thorough performance audit from one of our skilled engineers to address and correct these issues. Pagely customers often see better performance on our smaller plans, than paying for larger plans at competitors.


Our site serves a truly global audience and we need a great user experience for all of them.

Solution: Geo-Replicate + Geo-Cache.

WordPress does not lend itself to geo-replication easily. However we successfully manage sites across multiple data-centers for clients on a regular basis. Combining our PressCACHE™ and PressCDN™ services with High Availability failover and replication between data-centers ensures every user, regardless of location gets the fastest response time available.


Our Developers Want Modern Tools to work efficiently.

Solution: We've got them.

In addition to basics like: SFTP, SSH, and DB access, Your developers will also get cool things like WP-CLI, error/access logs, Git support, tools to sync between staging & production, support for custom PHP extensions including New Relic, system level crontab access, and more.


Data retention and disaster recovery is a must for our business.

Solution: Backup all the things.

In addition log access, we run nightly backups to a robust Amazon S3 bucket with 14 days of retention. In addition, you can provide us with your own S3 credentials and we'll push a second copy to your own so you can control retention. Finally, you can always one click to download all the files and DB to your local machine at anytime. Three backups are better than one.


With so many plugins out there, we need help knowing which is ideal for our needs. Even then we know they could be improved for better performance.

Solution: We know Plugins.

Having trouble scaling a WooCommerce store? Our CTO speaks at the annual WooCommerce conference about just that. BuddyPress running slow? We know the lead developers over there and work with it extensively. There's not a popular plugin we don't know in and out and can make it fly.


We need real support to timely solve our issues, our business cannot afford to be shuffled between inexperienced support agents.

Solution: Real technical expertise at every level.

We run teams in both the U.S. and UK for support, 7 days a week. You'll have priority status on your tickets and in addition will have access to live chat support from your dashboard. Not some operator from LiveOps who just creates a ticket, but a skilled engineer from our actual support staff fixing your issu.

Jesse McDonald, GeekPowered
"Pagely is an excellent solution for WP hosting that has a great team to back it up. Their support is phenomenal and I know that when I have a problem, their team will help me find the solution."