Enterprise WordPress Hosting

The Pagely® enterprise WordPress hosting platform is a scalable web hosting solution for those customers with high performance and mission critical security needs. Our unique managed service features painless resource scaling, multi-region redundancy, and enterprise-grade security.

A few of our valued clients

Effortless Scalability + Freedom to GTD

We manage & secure thousands of deployments of the world's most popular open source content management system.

Powered by Amazon

We chose Amazon Web Services for the same reasons respected brands worldwide do, they provide the backbone to much of the internet. Leverage the Amazon Cloud with the personalized support and app management of Pagely.

Customer Driven

Our enterprise hosting stack is customer solution focused. Choose which plugins, themes, and custom code work best for your business, not those which a service limits you to.

Skilled Support

We know WordPress. For nearly a decade our team has been deploying WordPress at scale. Dedicated account managers and direct access to our engineering team help you get more done, with less red tape.

Meet the CTO

Meet our CTO


Joshua Eichorn joined Pagely in the summer of 2013 and is a seasoned engineer and technical leader. With past experience at Cisco, StumbleUpon.com, and as a former VP of the PEAR open source project, Josh brings over a decade of technical expertise to the team. Josh and his DevOps team personally oversee and manage on-boarding of all enterprise clientele.

Custom Configurations

From 1 to 10, or even 50 nodes, our system scales to fit your needs. Chain multiple Database slaves or geo-locate across continents. Whatever your site needs, Pagely® can power it.

Account Manager

Geek to human translation. Work directly with your account sales manager or chat directly with system engineers in private support room.

Global Deployment

Choose from and of our 7 datacenter locations near your customer base, and utilize our global caching system PressCACHE™ to accelerate all requests regardless of origin.

Proactive Security

Our PressARMOR™ is an active matrix of network and server technology to protect your WordPress site from the nefarious attacks.


We manage the application and server stack for you. Pagely handles the application and kernel upgrades, performance tuning, and security of your WordPress instance. Your IT team will thank you.

Live Support

Enterprise customer's enjoy direct access to our skilled engineering team via live chat. On-boarding, setup, scaling and performance questions answered in real time.


Our AWS backed enterprise tier has enjoyed 99.99% uptime since it's launch in May of 2014


Deploy into any of Amazons's 10 global data center's. Or Geo-replicate across regions for maximum scalability & redundancy.


Our optimized c3 instances deliver 272ms average response times. Enable PressCACHE™ to extend to all corners of the globe.


For over 8 years our team has been perfecting the fine art of managing WordPress at scale.

Preconfigured Plans

  • C3.2xlarge (15GB Ram) or C3.4xlarge (30GB Ram)
  • Single Node or Load Balanced Pair
  • Single Multi-AZ RDS-MySQL
  • 2TB+ CDN included
  • Deployed in any of 10 datacenters

Custom Clusters

  • ElasticSearch / ElasticCache
  • Production/QA/Staging Environments
  • Multi-Region Failover Recovery
  • Up to 5 RDS-MySQL slaves
  • Geo Caching

Starting at $1349/mo
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Case Studies

The Descrier

The Descrier
Full Case Study

The Descrier is a digital magazine focused on delving behind the headlines of the major stories of the day from uprisings and revolutions to the latest scientific breakthrough. Pagely deployed a robust and scalable stack that handles the many spikes from breaking stories.

Pagely has let us rapidly grow without any headaches about using too many resources just when a story breaks, and kept everything running behind the scenes. The support staff were...


Full Case Study

Animoto’s self-hosted Wordpress solution was unable to scale and meet the high demand of traffic. Pagely worked closely with Animoto is migrating and re-launching the site on a Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting plan.

Since moving to Pagely, I no longer have to worry about our blog being unavailable in the middle of a marketing campaign. I can rest assure that it will always...

Enterprise WordPress deployed to Amazon

Consider for a moment that many of our Enterprise cliental were already running WordPress on Amazon before switching to Pagely. AWS is a powerful tool to harness and in the right hands can do amazing things. These clients now enjoy a dedicated team of WordPress engineers managing their properties AND the power and flexibility of AWS. That's known in the business as a win-win.


  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Live Support
  • Single Node or Load Balanced Clusters
  • 64bit OS
  • RDS DB Masters, up to 5 slaves
  • GIT/SVN Deployment management
  • Included CDN
  • Cancel anytime, no long term contracts
  • Annual Pre-Pay Discounts
  • TOS / SLA / AUP

Not quite ready for Enterprise? See our developer friendly VPS Plans from $399/mo. Smaller sizing, same great service.

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