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Back in 2006 we had the simple idea that WordPress could be better. Executing on that idea we redefined web hosting when we introduced Managed WordPress Hosting to the world. The first ever Managed WordPress Hosting platform was born and kicked off a renaissance in customer and application-centric hosting.

Since then, Pagely has become the WordPress hosting market leader in innovation, speed, scalability, and security with thousands of clients trusting our impressive and forward-thinking infrastructure. Our clients range from the largest tech companies, to universitiescreative agencies, city and state governments, magazines, ski resorts, and other large and midsize businesses. We’ve done it by sticking true to the singular focus of treating our customers right.

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We Believe

 Business is personal – we treat people the way you wish to be treated.

 Amazing customer and employee experiences  serving investors.

 Quality people drive quality products and service.

 Pricing reflects the value of our people.

 The why is as important as the how.

Our Culture

 A diverse and globally distributed team enables us to recruit top talent and to serve our customers better.

 We are all leaders and perform our individual work with the authority and responsibility to execute our mission goals and take total ownership and accountability for all outcomes.

 Our work is only part of a full life and expect and support our team in pursuing other interests, family, and travel.

We are doing big things in a huge market and we’are always looking to work with the best and brightest to help drive our company forward.

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Joshua Strebel

Co-Founder / CEO

A 15 year veteran of the web industry leading teams in design, marketing, and product development. He thinks an old fashioned work ethic is more important than a round of funding.

Get to know Joshua Strebel.

Sally Strebel

Co-Founder / COO

Sally is a passionate and skilled operational leader with a mind for strategic solutions. She is also the gracious hostess of our annual PressNomics conference.

Get to know Sally Strebel.

Josh Eichorn


Josh is a seasoned engineer and technical leader. Published author with past experience at Cisco, StumbleUpon, and as former VP of the PEAR open source project.

Sean Tierney

Dir. of Sales

Sean is passionate about guitar, travel, archery, Krav Maga, kite surfing and workflow automation. Be warned: a conversation with him about any of these topics may (will) run obscenely long.

Get to know Sean Tierney.

Kristopher Lagraff

Dir. Customer Success

Cooler than your company’s director of customer success.

Arman Zakaryan

Dir. of Hosting Operations

Arman is a fan of technology, cars, and gaming. Like many others at Pagely, he has a passion for helping people succeed in their online endeavors. As Pagely’s Dir. of Hosting Operations, Arman brings 12 years of web hosting experience to the table – helping our very talented DevOps team do great things every day.

Get to know Arman Zakaryan.

Rod Austin

Dir. of Marketing

Rod has sharpened his digital marketing skills over the last 16 years in a variety of agency, publishing and startup marketing roles.

Get to know Rod Austin.

Robert Rowley

Dir. of Security and Privacy

Robert is the person that stays up to date with all of the relevant security issues so that you don’t have to.

Get to know Robert Rowley.

Adam Miller

DevOps Engineer

Experienced in Linux (CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu), VMware, AWS, OpenVZ, PHP, JS, HTML/HTML5, Cordova/PhoneGap, Ionic, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL, Mongo, Redis and more. Is very OCD and builds diesel engines.

Brad Power

DevOps Engineer

Brad has been working with Linux-based web infrastructure for nearly a decade. When he’s not thinking about uptime or automation, he enjoys video games, hanging with his daughter, and playing the baritone, though usually not all at the same time.

Brian Feeley

Customer Success Engineer

Web Enthusiast since 1996, supporting WordPress since 2009, fascinated by Computer Vision.

Get to know Brian Feeley.

Chad Stearns

Sales Development Representative

This is Chad’s second year helping customers achieve their goals as part of the Pagely sales team, and he’s an avid golfer & tennis player.

Dmitriy Shelikhov

DevOps Engineer

Cloud solution architect, DevOps engineer, experienced with Cloud Infrastructure management.

Gordon Forsythe

Sr. Software Engineer

Gordon has developed a wide variety of public and intranet web-based applications, and has a passion for supporting the PHP community.

Get to know Gordon Forsythe.

H. Cyrus K

Minister of Culture and Propaganda

Provided Web Hosting Support for six years. Loves Documentation and screencasts.

Get to know H. Cyrus K.

Harold Walters

Customer Success Engineer

Loves basketball & WordPress; hates Vegas. Is called Howard way too often.

Jen D.

Customer Success Engineer

Jen exists everywhere and nowhere. Loves dogs, tacos and solving complex WP problems.

Jeremy Frady

Chainsaw Wrangler

Look Ma, no hands.

Keelan L.

DevOps Engineer

Kirill Mendeleyev

Onboarding CZAR

Submerged in the web-hosting industry since 2007, Kirill claims to have seen every plugin and CMS.
He loves TopGear and anything to do with cars.

Get to know Kirill Mendeleyev.

Lizzie Kardon

Content & Engagement Lead

Lizzie is a digital marketer living and working in NYC. She comes to Pagely with a passion for killer content, valuable partnerships and shaggy haired poodles.

Matt Clower

UX Lead

Matt is a Well-versed digital designer, strategic thinker and creative leader with 16 years of experience solving complex business and creative challenges for growth-phase product, software, and service companies.

At Pagely he works to ensure client retention and delight as the company rebuilds and continually improves its logged-in experience to meet the growing challenges at scale in enterprise-level WordPress hosting.

Matt Medeiros

Sales Account Representative

Family guy, podcaster and WordPress champion. Matt appreciates the art of storytelling.

Maura Teal

Software Engineer

Pittsburgh native, currently in Phoenix AZ. Building WordPress websites for the last six years is what brought me here (plus an appreciation for tacos and no BS leadership). I’ve cultivated a passion for contributing to custom Slack emoji sets and appreciate a good gif.

Michael Martin

DevOps Engineer

Likes pocket t-shirts, extra sharp cheddar cheese, and q-tips.

Michael M.

Customer Success Engineer

Michael’s journey in tech began more than 10 years ago, and he’s been instrumental in Support, InfoSec, and Operational roles.

Get to know Michael M..

Nathan Perez

Customer Success Engineer

Oscar Gomez

Sr. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer at Pagely and likes to work on servers and maintaining the infrastructure there.

A lot of the work at Pagely is done to help customers’ WordPress sites every day. Whether it be to debug any problems, or help with issues using wp-cli to accomplish a goal. All without ever having to login to the wp-admin panel to do the same tasks.

Reza K.

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Reza is a developer and systems engineering veteran with more than 10 years experience building scalable infrastructure for technology startups like Rapid7 and Riot Games.

Roscoe S.

Customer Success Engineer

Primary interests include WordPress, economics, finance, history and travel (especially visiting museums). Roscoe likes complex setups.