HTTPoxy and WordPress.


The vulnerability d’jour this week was named HTTPoxy, an applicable pun on pox and proxy. We have patched our servers for this already, and are here to take a few extra steps to help explain the vulnerability and hopefully spread a little knowledge. The first part of this post will explain how the HTTPoxy vulnerability […]

Security Haiku: httPoxy


A pox on proxy headers; that are misused by some developers. Updates to our server configs are being pushed out that remove any “Proxy:” values attempted to be set by a request header. More details here:

How To Create A Child Theme


One of WordPress’ great advantages over other non-open source CMS’ is the ability to edit any line of code. If you get a theme that doesn’t do exactly what you want, you can dig into the code and customize it.  The issue though is that when the author publishes a theme update that includes a newer version of […]

How to route Pagely site backups to your own S3 bucket


All of your WordPress sites on Pagely are automatically backed up nightly and made available for download via your Atomic dashboard interface. Did you know though you can set it up so your backups also automatically accrue under your own Amazon S3 account? There are a number of reasons why you might want to do […]

The Wild West of Bots and Brute Forces


The key to success is starting with a solid foundation. When it comes to succeeding at security, passwords are part of the foundation. Failure to choose a good password, will equate to failure in security eventually — but probably almost immediately. In the WordPress sphere of security, brute force attempts to account passwords by attackers […]

Introducing the Pagely Knowledgebase

Screen-Shot-2016-06-07-at-4.08.21-PM (1)

Today we’re rolling out a useful resource to help you get faster, self-serve answers to your pre-sales questions. Not everyone has the time nor desire to do a conference call with a salesperson and sometimes you just want to quickly look up an answer to your question. I will not be offended if you’re one […]

The Art of Capturing and Utilizing Net Promoter Score Data


Introduced in 2003 by management consulting firm Bain & Company, NPS stands for Net Promoter Score — a method for measuring the loyalty of each individual customer and gathering valuable feedback. If you are struggling to find a simple method to measuring the overall happiness and loyalty of your customers, the NPS may be just […]

Bulletproof: Configuring Your Site For Zero Downtime


The lights may be out, but that shouldn’t mean no one is home. Website downtime can be truly frustrating for both your business and customers. It can break a line of communication, leave both parties in the dark and has the potential to impact your brand and your business in a variety of ways. If […]

Create not solutions but rather systems that solve


There was a brilliant computer game back in the day for Apple ][+ called “Robot Odyssey.” It was my first exposure to programming and the notion that instead of solving puzzles, you could build robots to solve puzzles on your behalf (and you could even build robots to build robots… 10-year-old mind blown…). This became […]