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Your organization uses WordPress. Who owns the upkeep?

AWS Advanced Parter WordPress as a content platform is ubiquitous across ~30% of all websites on the internet – from departmental blogs, to product marketing sites, to a full online presence for the company. Your marketing team has defined their content strategy and your organization has sourced an agency to build the site – the final step is addressing the technical challenge of properly deploying, scaling, and securing that WordPress site.

Leveraging the scale and feature set of Amazon Web Services, we bring our decade of experience to assist your organization in deployment, scaling, and ongoing management of your WordPress applications.


We're a busy company trying to change an industry. The last thing I want us to worry about is DevOps spending time keeping WordPress updated. Pagely has our back.

Sebastian Tonkin

Pagely + AWS = Competence and Scale

Pagely is the most trusted name in Managed WordPress Hosting. We founded this category over a decade ago and in the time since have refined our approach and technology stack to specifically address the needs of discerning clientele that require more than just a consumer-level hosting product.

AWS is the most trusted and dominant name in cloud computing. More tooling in more locations than any other provider – AWS is a flexible and scalable solution to move workloads into the cloud.

We leverage AWS because our customers demand the best, and the AWS feature set enables us to serve our clients with unparalleled performance and scalability. Many of our customers already utilize Amazon Web Services for their organization, and are comfortable engaging Pagely to manage their WordPress workloads in the familiar environment.

Our Managed WordPress Platform allows your company to focus on your business goals, whether that be driving conversions, disseminating product information, or managing digital assets. AWS allows us to host and manage that WordPress site with greater efficiency and scale then anyone else.


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