We manage & secure thousands of deployments of the world's most popular open source content management system.

Pagely is the first Managed WordPress Hosting service that handles most of the technical stuff like upgrades, performance, and security to allow you to focus on your content. We provide WordPress Hosting for personal sites to multi-server clusters for enterprise and all manner of sites in between.

Thousands of customers like these trust Pagely. blog hosting

  • The original Managed WordPress Host
  • Automatic WordPress Core Upgrades
  • Automatic WordPress Plugin Upgrades
  • Automatic Nightly Backups w/ Restore
  • Optimization and PressCDN™ Global CDN
  • PressARMOR™ WordPress Security
  • Expert WordPress Support
  • Plans optimized for all types of sites
  • Cancel anytime, no long term contracts
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Leveraging Amazon cloud services to ensure our clients get the best of everything.

Pagely is the first name in Managed WordPress Hosting and our architecture is powered by the biggest name in cloud computing. By using Amazon Web Services your site gains the best in class performance, redundancy, and scalability available to the biggest brands in the world.


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secure wordpress hosting


Stop the bad guys before they get in.

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Cache all the things, all the time.

expert WordPress Support


All the help along the way.

The tree of longevity yields the fruit of knowledge.

Since Pagely first pioneered Managed WordPress Hosting in 2006, our product has continually evolved to meet the demands of website performance, WordPress security, and expert support our clients have come to depend on. Our technical expertise is driven by a passion to help our customers achieve their business goals and supported by our near decade of knowledge gained from managing WordPress sites at size and scale.

Our Managed WordPress stack consistently serves over
1 Billion requests each week. Got Traffic?


Hands-Free Performance

We manage the application, edge-caching, security and database optimization for you. Sit back while our automated systems handle the WordPress upgrades, performance tuning, and security of your WordPress App instance. Just blog on with your awesome self worry-free.

Amazon Powered

No ceiling on performance. We can scale any node to nearly any size, in any location, at any time.

  • 64bit OS Exclusively
  • Lastest c3 EC2 instances in HA Pairs
  • Multi-AZ Failover
  • S3 and Glacier Backups
  • Multi-AZ RDS
  • Varnish + Nginx/Redis HyperProxies
  • Enterprise Firewall/DDoS Protection
  • PHP 5.5.x Exclusively
  • Apache 2.4.6 Backends

Burst-able Resources

Each Managed WordPress site is allocated ample resources so your WordPress site has headroom to burst when you get that holiday traffic surge or press mention. Many of our clients live or die from viral Facebook® traffic that can surge into the many millions over just a few minutes. Each successful pageview is ad dollars earned..

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Thousands of companies and brands that you trust, trust Pagely to manage and secure their WordPress.

Sean Power

When planning our 9th year of Decibel Festival, our most ambitious event yet, we sought out a WordPress hosting partner that could handle the crush of traffic as we announced our festival lineup and Decibel goers flocked to the site for information. Pagely delivered above and beyond our expectations, proactive with performance suggestions and totally on the ball. Highly recommend!


If you are hosting your own WordPress instead of using Pagely, you're doing it wrong!


Continually impressed by the work ethic, dedication and skills of the crew at Pagely. Couldn't be happier with our partnership. Highly recommend.


In a crowded space, it is always refreshing to see a new startup innovating to upset the established order. It is even more exciting to see them better the niche in the same stroke

Paul Eddison

My site spiked with 1.6 million page views in 16 hours, rock solid and fast as lightning – awesome hosting.

Get Satisfaction

I’ve been using WordPress for over 8 years and I am so happy to use Pagely at work. On other hosts I’ve had hacking, data loss and outages, but with Pagely I know that they optimize their hosting to maximize WordPress’s performance. I absolutely love what Pagely does. - Andy Wibbels


While their product both meets the needs of underserved users and is well built to be flexible and strong, the success of their small piece of the WordPress market can be attributed in no small part to the couple's service-with-a-smile philosophy.

Joost "Yoast" de Valk

When a clients blog absolutely, positively has to be kept updated and secure, I use Pagely. They have taken great care of the clients I've hosted there and have always communicated awesomely. Even when I'm away at a conference I count on them to take care of everything.

Brad Biddle

Hosting my course materials on an @pagely site has been fantastic - so easy to use, very effective.

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You don't always choose WordPress for your projects, but when you do you host it at Pagely.

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