WooCommerce Hosting Solutions

Used by millions of WordPress sites to sell goods, WooCommerce does a great job in nearly every use case.

Accelerate WooCommerce

At Pagely we employ a state-of-the-art hosting stack to accelerate WooCommerce. Backed by Amazon we can utilize Elastic-Search, Redis Object caching, multiple database nodes, and near infinite compute resources to solve the common headaches for WooCommerce site owners.

ElasticSearch is available on VPS or Enterprise plans

Say Goodbye To:

  • Slow loading of the wp-admin dashboard.
  • Slow searching of past order history.
  • Reports of site errors when trying to buy.

Say Hello To:

  • A responsive and fast dashboard.
  • Lightning quick order searches.
  • Elimination of site errors.
"Our client has a massive social media following and their WooCommerce site had a huge spike initially. 1700 concurrent users and Pagely handled it easily. The client was very happy and so were we! WP Engine actually refused to put the site on their network!"
Dean Oakley - ThriveWeb

Fast Sites = More Revenue

A recent report from KissMetrics states slow loading websites kill our bottom line. Speed matters. The Pagely WooCommerce hosting solution and our expert staff will make sure your site flies.

Our WooCommerce hosting platform is geared to those customers doing big traffic and need their hosting to keep up with their sales.

WooCommerce® is a registered trademark.