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I sleep well at night knowing that Pagely's web application firewall is running 24/7. I don't have to think about it, I can focus on growing my business without worrying about security. I just know that it's there. It's peace of mind knowing my clients are safe and I'm safe.

Glen Patchet




No one takes WordPress security more seriously than Pagely.

When it comes to security, experience matters. Our security processes are battle-hardened by over 10 years of in-the-trenches WordPress hosting experience.

From our proactive processes to our meticulous protocols, we do whatever it takes to prevent security incidents and stay ahead of looming threats.



A comprehensive security architecture developed by — and exclusive to — Pagely® that hardens and protects our network, hardware, and WordPress applications.

The primary focus of our multi-faceted strategy is prevention and risk-mitigation. For base level security, we utilize a dynamic web application firewall (WAF) that blocks code injection attacks, known exploits and rate limits access attempts. This greatly reduces the chance of a DDoS attack or Brute force attack succeeding.

We also practice chroot user separation and real-time system malware scanning. We’re constantly hunting for trojan horses, viruses, worms, keyloggers, spyware, and adware that may have been inadvertently added to your file structure.

Additional rulesets at our network edge filter out much of the nefarious traffic long before it even has a chance to pass into our network.


The cornerstone of our WordPress Hosting security strategy is prevention. We have crafted custom rules for our network edge, web nodes, and file system. All services used by our team use two-factor authentication and key-based access.


Proactive plugin patching and real-time malware scanning are just the beginning. In the rare event of an infection, our security team executes our five-step protocol. We inform the client of the incident and work closely with them to restore security.


Unfortunately nothing is 100% hack-proof. When it does happen our team works within our security protocol to clean and restore the client’s site to pristine condition, free of charge. This type of “above and beyond” service is what makes Pagely, Pagely.


  • Managed Web Application FireWalls
  • Brute force mitigation and Rate Limiting
  • Custom WordPress specific firewall rules
  • Chroot’ing of all shared systems
  • Administrator 2-factor authentication for core services
  • Multi-level Intrusion Prevention and Detection
  • Malware prevention and remediation
  • Comment spam prevention, system wide

Our Shared Security Model

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