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Where Are My WordPress Site Backups Stored?

Your WordPress website backups accrue nightly under Pagely’s AWS account (our sole Cloud Provider) by default and are retained for 14 days. These are accessible via our Atomic dashboard on a per-app basis.

Should you need to store those for longer periods of time, or require your website backups be kept on-site, customers have the option to dual-route their backups to their own Amazon S3 bucket — either one in your own AWS account, or a bucket that Pagely manages for you.

Under a custom agreement, we can manage backups and adjust retention rates, amongst other service-related requests. Talk to Sales for details.

In order to have us send a second copy of your backups nightly to your own AWS account, you’ll need to first Create An Amazon S3 Bucket. Once you’ve done so, just open a support ticket and supply us with a few details noted in our Sending Backups To Amazon S3 article and we’ll complete the setup.

Note: Backups do not count towards your VPS plan’s disk space allotment.

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