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Are Path Redirects to Subdomains Possible With Pagely?

Yes, we support standard redirects — including to subdomains.

If you are seeking to relocate your visitors to a more relevant page, redirects are an easy way to accomplish this. Redirects can easily be created from directly inside our Atomic dashboard with just a few clicks, so you can leave any plugins you are now using behind.

If your goal is to have a WordPress application live under a subdomain to rewrite the URL to domain.com/example, that would require a Reverse Proxy Setup with us. Reverse proxies are often too convoluted for Managed WordPress Hosts to offer, but perfectly feasible at Pagely. Read more to learn how we can incorporate a reverse proxy and associated pricing.

Bottom line: We can accommodate nearly any custom redirect behavior you need. If you have any additional questions, please feel welcome to contact our sales team.

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