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Are Path Redirects to Subdomains Possible With Pagely?

Yes, we support standard redirects. If you’re seeking to relocate your visitors to more relevant, updated content to a new page, redirects are an easy way to accomplish that. These can easily be created directly from inside our Atomic dashboard with just a few clicks, so you can leave any plugins you’re using now behind.

If your goal is to have a WordPress application live under a subdomain to rewrite the URL to domain.com/example, that would require a Reverse Proxy Setup with us. Reverse proxies are often too convoluted for Managed WordPress Hosts to offer, but perfectly feasible at Pagely. See the article linked above for how we can incorporate a reverse proxy and associated pricing.

Bottomline: We can accommodate nearly any custom redirect behavior you need, amongst other more challenging configurations. If you have any additional questions, please feel welcome to contact our sales team.

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